I'm not going to bore you with the first time I picked up a camera and smelled the cherry blossoms of sweet nectarine juice. I'm not going to tell you how long walks in foreign countries with my mom inspired me to be a street photographer (even though that part is true). I'm going to just tell you about who I am, a few fun things you might not even care about knowing, and why I'm cool like that to work with. 

I'm a veteran, that's a vegetarian wannabe (until someone mentions REDDDD ROBIN YUMMM), and then I lose my mind. Those endless fries are the bomb. I'm not one to sugar coat the truth. I love laughter around me. I am a die hard 80's movie fan, okay well maybe the 90's. I love movies period. I still listen to MC Hammer, but my current knee situation doesn't allow me to be too legit to quit.  I've traveled the world. I've lived on at least three continents. I can speak three different languages, but only use my native and sweet English tongue. 


The color purple is cool and jazzy, but it's not my favorite. I've two amazing kids; one will start middle school, and the other will be a junior in high school. I can't believe they're maturing without me. I still love to color; I play UNO like the Master that I am. I'm a gamer, via iPhone mostly. I have an amazing husband; also retired military. I'm an over-educated goofball that believes in going big or going home. I'm not a quitter, but I will start over repeatedly. 

So you want to work together or what?